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Safe House

The Safe house is a place for intelligence and espionage related materials as a pure hobby culled from the news, popular entertainment and cultural mystique.
James Bond is back with Die Another Day. Yes, this is Bond, James Bond at his best with a new friend,
Jinx, along side as an equal. Soon to be on DVD.
The National Motor Museum in England has an exhibit called the James Bond Experience.
The Tuxedo came out earlier this year with Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Stunts, laughs and a little Love. Out on DVD.
Austin Powers is back in Goldmember and is now out on video. Its was a whole lot of fun.
Have you been to International Exports Ltd.? Check out their location in Milwaukee.
For those curious, from the main site one notices that I work in a range of information that is sometimes public and sometimes not so public. Along the way I became a "spy" for the competition as I was chided by those I worked for. Eventually someone called be Agent Q and the caps are my initals and it liked it and I can take a joke and a nickname well. So I may come in from the cold one day but I have this safe house for the moment.







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